He is blind and deaf.

The person who helped me to pass out the stuffed animals and flowers today said,  Do you have an extra one? He is blind and deaf.

He is? He is a handsome man. Does he sit there all of the time? Oh my God, that poor man.

We gave him a horse.

He likes to string beads. He does not have any sight nor hearing. It is so sad.

And then the lady took a few more from the trash bag filled with stuffed animals and went in and out of the rooms, making bed-bound visits…to the people who are not able to attend the programs.

My two grandmothers were in nursing homes and I treat all of the residents as if they were my grandmoms. I do not go home at 5 pm like I am supposed to. How would I leave the residents who still need me? 

I gave her a full bag of stuffed animals for her room visits tomorrow.


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