I went to kindergarten with your son Johnny, year 1956!

Last night, I visited a group of Independent and Assisted Living residents:

I mentioned I grew up in King of Prussia. A lady asked on what street and what my maiden name was.

I am a Mohan. I lived right down from the PO, down from the Valley Forge Shopping Plaza, near Strawberry Lane. I lived on Prince Frederick Street.

I am Mrs. E.

I went to kindergarten with your son, John. We were in Mrs. Howard’s afternoon session at the Valley Forge Presbyterian Church. 

My Johnny died five years ago. And five of his friends died the same way. Did you know Jack and Bob L.?

Oh, I am so sorry. He was a handsome kid. I liked him when we were five. I knew your daughter, too. We worked in Burger King or Wanamakers  together when we were teenagers.

Her eyes teared up. We talked about my dad and her family a little bit.

Mrs. E, wasn’t King of Prussia a great town to raise a family?. It is still great, isn’t it?

Another lady said that she was King of Prussia.

Oh my goodness, I know your Patti and Lou Anne. They were the prettiest girls on the bus.

We talked about the bazaar and her husband who was a friend of my father’s. We had a great walk down Memory Lane…..memories of fifty years ago!

And the stuffed animal that she held…..Trisha, you know who this is going to? I am going to give it to Oliver, that’s Patti’s grandson.  I am going to dial her on the phone as soon as I get to my room. I have to tell her that I saw you.

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