Visited a hospice today……

I guess I thought that when someone had only a few weeks to live….and was placed in hospice care…that they would look very ill, hooked up to tubes and be very sad. I was very wrong.

Edna was sitting on a chair by her window, dressed in a cheery looking pink jogging suit.

Where do you live, Edna?

I am a Brit. I came from England when I was 20 months old. My father didn’t really want to come here but my mother had family in Hazelton so naturally a husband wants to keep his wife happy so he moved to America. He served in WW I. I was born in 1920, so what does that make me – 91 years old. My father was wounded three times. He did not have any feeling in one arm because he was shot near his elbow and he also had a scar on his nose. He had to soak that arm in hot water for part of his healing but since he had no feeling in the arm, sometimes he made the water too hot, scalding hot. He couldn’t feel the temperature so his arm got really burned. You should have seen it. You would have felt sorry for him, too.

Do you have children?

Yes, I have three. They are all grown up now and have their own grandchildren. I was married twice. My first husband died and then I went to work at the school district. I was a secretary to the superintendent of schools. One day, he had some typing that had to be done, some clerical work, so he came to my house. I had a typewriter upstairs. He sat in my living room and read the paper while I typed the document that he needed. When I finished typing it and he was about to leave, he turned around and asked me if I wanted to go to a Rotary supper with him. He was a widower. I was wearing a red, white and blue check cotton dress. It had a zipper that came down from my neck. That style just came out.

I have to go up and get changed out of this cotton dress.

Oh no, you don’t have to change. You look very pretty in that dress, Edna.

I will never forget what he said,  “Edna, you look very pretty.”

And that is how it started. We got married and had a wonderful life.

I live here now.

I gave her one of the adorable HUG figurines, the one with the Get Well poem. She smiled and put it on her windowsill and said, ” I know I will keep moving it around because I will say to myself. “Edna, put it over there. It will look nice on the table and then I will think, no, I think I want to put it over there next to my books…..I love reading, I  read three books a week, when I can get them.”

You just have to smile when you look at the sweet little HUGS!

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