Helpful man with a walker…..embarrassed

He wanted to help me carry some of my “props” to the front lobby and assist me with placing things in my  car. He was about 75 years old and used a walker. We were walking down the hall and he had a small bag of stuffed animals tied around his wrist…a true gentleman who learned when he was a young man to help ladies in need.

Patricia,  I love to help people. How do you do this? These stuffed animals cost a lot of money. You must have spent a hundred dollars on all of these. Where do you get that kind of money? Geez, for crying out loud….how can you afford all of this expense?

Mike, a lot of people collect these and donate them to me so  I can bring them to the residents here. I love coming here. This is my favorite place. I love our group in there. We have good discussions, don’t we?

His trousers had a big wet spot.

Oh no, I am so embarrassed. I have a bladder problem. I think I just had an “accident”. Are my pants wet?

Oh, don’t worry about it. That happens to me, too. (I just said this so he wouldn’t feel so bad.)

He hung his head down and couldn’t seem to lift his eyes up thinking about the wet trousers. His “accident.”

He was the same man that a little bit earler when we were talking about Father’s Day said, “My father was a line man. He took me out with him sometimes when he had to install wires and sometimes he would take me to the plant to see the men working in the factory. He never yelled at me.” 

He continued walking out with me. He stood at the door and waved good-bye.

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