Laundering the stuffed animals

I received this email from a mom in Montgomery County:


Dear Patricia,

So – since you are proceeding for now, I’d like to work a bit on laundering the stuffed animals we’re gathering for you, then deliver them to you , if that would be helpful.   I know you’re heading overseas in July, and wanted to get them to you before you left, if possible.   If that sounds good to you, we’d love to help in that way!


I have been enjoying reading your blog posts…though some of the stories are just so sad.   This life is just so bittersweet, isn’t it?   When I was a young teen, I worked at the Bucks County Health Department for 3 years, which shared property with Neshaminy Manor Nursing Home in Doylestown….I volunteered there during my lunch hours, helping to feed patients who were lucid, but could no longer feed themselves.   My heart is with them still, and your posts remind me of how rich their stories were, how real they still are though they can’t do all that they used to.   Our Bible study has visited nursing homes at Christmas, to not only bring a little cheer to the residents, but to also teach our kiddos how important it is to stay connected to people of all ages.   Though our children love their stuffed animals, they are excited to help bring a smile to all those blessed by your visits!


When you get a second, let me know what sounds good to you.  If you need us to hold off until August, etc. – no problem.   And I’ll keep my ears open for a laptop – I know that every little bit helps!


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