My mother was only 47 when she died – cancer

On one of my visits today: This is what the lady said:

I wish I could go back and buy the house where I lived from the time I was two. I never met my father. I had a wonderful mother and two brothers. I was 23 and my little brother was 14 when mom died. I was working at a fish restaurant but when she died, I knew I had to get a better job with health benefits because my brother who was a year older than me and me had to pay all of the expenses of the upkeep of the house. We had to raise my little brother, too. I moved to another town to work in a factory because I could make a little more money there.

I was lonesome and sad, missed my mother and did not like factory work. I started drinking to make myself feel better but my life got worse. We only kept the house for two years. I still miss the house and my mother.

I never had any children or a boyfriend or husband. I have nieces and nephews but no favorites.

When I was in high school, I thought I would like to be a photographer. My mother and brother bought me a camera every year for Christmas. First, it was the black box kind and then it was called a “Brownie Camera.” I had a tripod and took some pictures of my friend’s baby. They put them in a display at the library. I don’t have any of my cameras anymore.

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