Winnie loves the clothing……

I posted a request a few weeks ago about Winnie who lives in a special housing apartment for people with a disability. Winnie had just started a job helping a 90 year-old lady who is dying. She is paid five dollars an hour and because she is so honest, she reports the very minimal amount  to her caseworker . (She is on Social Security disability.)

 She plays cards with the lady and makes her lunch. She was thrilled about her ” paying job” and was working about 6 hours a week. Then, the lady’s family decided to hire a full-time nurse so Winnie was going to be out of a job.

“Well, if God wants me to keep working there, He  will find a way.”

She called me on Friday with some good news:

Hi Patricia, guess what? They decided to keep me working there. My lady friend is very sick but I do whatever I can to make her day more cheerful.

So, you can see the kind of person Winnie is. The problem was she only had two pairs of slacks and two blouses and had to keep washing them.

She also just began volunteering for a local church organization and wanted to make a good first impression. With only two outfits, she was feeling a little insecure.

I posted a request to help Winnie on Craig’s List . Meryl and her sister in NYC contacted me and said they would be HONORED to help Winnie. They bought 6 blouses and four pairs of slacks, all beautiful and all so mix and match coordinates.

The sister sent the outifts from NYC to Meryl in Bucks County who spent a lot of time ironing them and hanging them on hangers. Fashionable outfits from Dress Barn and Kohls.

My mother and I went to Winnie’s house tonight and she was so excited. She tried everything on and said, “I feel like I am going on a vacation.”

We sat in her teeny tiny living space and she kept saying, “Aren’t they so pretty? I love them!”

She wanted to treat us to ice cream and tea at the diner to thank us. It was only $10.78 for our bill so I said. “We want to pay to celebrate you and your new outfits.”

I have to give an  inspirational testimony on Tuesday. I think I will wear the black top and the black slacks.

Hmmmm, what is my favorite? I love them all.

Patricia, I want to invite Meryl and you and your mother to come to my apartment for a spaghetti dinner. If Meryl’s sister lives in NYC, she is too far away. I just want to thank them so much. I feel so happy. Can I have their addresses so I can send them a thank you note?


Oh Trisha, my sister and I are so thrilled that Winnie likes the clothing!  I cried when I read your email and then I sent it to my sister and she wrote to tell me she was crying too!  My sister and I wish everyone who has never helped another person could know the joy we both feel.  Thank you so much for sharing your visit with us!



It is now 11 pm. I just got a call from Winnie on my answering machine:

Patricia, I am going to a board meeting for a group I belong to. I am going to wear the pink and white blouse and the burgundy slacks. Thank you to you and the ladies who did this for me. Have a nice night.

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