From a Veteran at the VA Hospital, President of the Residents’ Council

Dear Patricia,

Thank you for the ‘unique’ ideas and attractive programs you offered for the thirty vets here at the VA Center.  In the  lounge area you were there  like a magician- you brought out one highly sentimental object after another for over an hour.

The residents (average age 79) were really interested in telling the group what  each item meant to him/her.After about an hour and a half of this we enjoyed some coffee with you and that was very nice, too.  Patricia, the program was a success.

 In another situation, I liked when you brought some of your Team of Angels pins for the fellows and ladies. You came up with a UNIQUE Team of Angels  Pin, and I love the  three angels. The people here have worn them on a shirt, or blouse, or in the case of men – on the shirt pocket.

 I wanted you to know that I wrote a letter to the President and suggested that the White House get involved with this random act of kindness project that you created. I know that you sent 6000 pins to our troops overseas. My idea is currently under consideration.

 My hope is that someone will sponsor the project financially so that a pin can be given to every wounded soldier at Walter Reed Army Hospital and then to the USO for distribution.

 Patricia, you are a ‘Focused’ individual and I have watched you over the years  initiate and organize  a number of projects at the same time.

Henry T.Paiste, III

President of the  VA Residents’  Council

One thought on “From a Veteran at the VA Hospital, President of the Residents’ Council

  1. Patricia –
    I agree with Mr. Paiste…you are an amazing woman, and an inspiration to anyone wanting to make a difference in the lives of others…one at a time. No small task…but huge rewards, priceless results. Thank you for all that you do!
    🙂 Kristen Kerwin

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