Mildred held his hand and tried to comfort Jake….

What happened at a nursing home in the dementia unit:

Hey, you just kicked my chair. I am going to give you a sucker punch. What are you trying to do to me?

I didn’t kick you.

Yes, you did so.

The first man grabbed the other man’s hand and squeezed it with great force. The man who was being hurt cried out in great pain. The Activity Director told me to call for a nurse. They quickly separated the two “boys” who were like boys in a recess yard fighting over a ball.

The “bully” was escorted from the activity room. They attended to the man with the sore hand. Another resident, a lady who did not speak earlier, held his hand and rubbed it.

That feels good. I guess it will feel better soon.

Mildred tenderly held his hand. Like a mother soothing a child.

Mildred, that is so nice how you are taking care of Jake.

He is my friend.

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