My first love and only love…..that was Rosa

Today at a nursing home:

Rosa was the first girl I loved.

Where is she now?

In Puerto Rico.

Did you date her for awhile or was she just a casual date?

She is my wife. I live here now. I had a stroke. I am 56 years old. My father taught me how to be a carpenter. I am in this wheelchair because my whole left side is paralyzed. See, I can’t do anything with this side. I have a shunt in my head. Do you know what that is? Feel it, it feels like a metal plate on the top of my head. In case, I have another stroke, it will drain the blood.

I tried out my feeble little attempts at speaking Spanish..and he smiled. I felt so bad for him. He seemed out of place here. He just wanted to be in Puerto Rico. With Rosa. His first true love.

I asked him how to say a few phrases such as I love you..and then the whole group repeated the words after him.

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