A mom left two bags of fluffy critters by my side door..for the seniors in nursing homes

You’re welcome!   And I actually was in the area last evening for my daughter’s orthodontist (we drive 50 minutes to Lansdale to see him…crazy!), so we left a bag from us, and a box from a friend, on your side porch.   I didn’t get to inspect her donation – I hope it’s good!   Our bag of fluffies are the ones my mom kept to make her smile…what a blessing that her smile will be shared with others.   I will be in touch soon regarding another donation, from our son’s preschool teacher.   Apparently, her husband loves to play any carnival game that wins him a stuffed animal…then she puts them safely away, not knowing what to do with so many UNTOUCHED animals!   She’s the one who mentioned the article about you to me…so as soon as she rounds up her stash, I’ll make another trip ;-)…
Thanks so much for being God’s hands and feet (and listening ears…and writing fingers…and hugging arms…and smile….)
🙂 Kristen

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