Emergency need for stuffed animals and tissue paper corsages

Hi Stories for Seniors Friends, 

STUFFED ANIMALS AND PAPER CORSAGES NEEDED ASAP:  I  have three more senior living facilities to visit within this week.  I have enough stuffed animals for our Friday visit but will be out of them after Friday. Is there anyone who has new or gently used stuffed animals to donate?

Please review some of the postings on this site to learn about  the project.We have visited 75  senior living locations and the folks on CL were the generous people who donated thousands of furry critters that brought lots of smiles and joy to the lonely people in nursing homes.

There are lots of pictures on this site and little anecdotes about how the stuffed animals and tissue paper corsages  were graciously and joyfully received. Of course, the beautiful tissue paper corsages are needed, too. They are such a big hit with the residents. 

Probably 100 flowers needed.  Maybe there are a few people out there who may want to do a part of the project.


With gratitude,


Many thanks!

Patricia Gallagher, BA MBA

267 939 0365

Director of the Stories for Seniors Project


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