He had a very well-known last name…

At a nursing home today:

I watched this man walking around so confused, going to the elevator and trying to figure out how to push the button and then walking over to the emergency door. The panic alarm went off. An aide came over to him and said, “Sweetheart, you come with me.”  A few minutes later, he repeated doing the same things. Some of the other residents kindly said, ” Stay here with us. C’mon over and sit with us, Poppa.”

His wife and daughter will be here soon.  They come every day.

I have lived in this area all of my life and I recognized his name. He is from a very prominent Main Line family. 

I just read an article in People magazine tonight that the Grammy Award winner, Glenn Campbell has Alzheimers, too. How sad.

But today, I saw the loving care of both staff and residents alike trying to help him adjust.

He has only been here a week. Last night, he went into that lady’s room at 2 am. She started yelling that there was a man in her room. But, he can’t help it. He is just so confused. I call him Poppa.

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