Mike said, “When I was young, I met Muhammad Ali.”

I asked the residents where their favorite place to go for a picnic was.  Mike is only 56 years old. You see, it is not only the elderly living in senior healthcare facilities. In the blink of an eye, our lives could change in an accident. And we could be confined to a wheelchair. Here is Mike’s memory that he shared with the group:

My favorite place to go was Fairmount Park. It was practically in my back yard. I went to every part of that park in my life. There is a reservoir there and when I was in high school, I ran track, so I used to run all around the reservoir. And so did Muhammad Ali. Except back then, his name was Cassius Cay. Wow, he was so strong lookin’. He was runnin’ around that reservoir, too.

I have a Muhammad Ali memory, too. I was in Chicago in 1977 and I was in the guest audience of the Phil Donahue Show and Muhammad was a guest. I answered a question and was invited to come up on the stage. I have a picture of Muhammad and me  sitting on the stage,  “live” on the show! (This is my memory – Patricia Gallagher.)

I have a  video of the 1977 show but honestly, I am embarrassed about my way of expressing myself when talking to Ali and Phil Donahue. I guess I will just attribute that to being nervous around the two celebrities!)

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