She said, “I was a bathing suit model when I was young.”

I have met two ladies in senior care facilities who were fashion models. I looked into their beautiful faces, although the wrinkles have aged them –  you can still see the way they carry themselves, with confidence…even in a wheelchair.

She was wearing a hat, lots of costume bangle bracelets and sunglasses. She looked like she was ready to go on the Atlantic City boardwalk. A colorful blouse and a flowing skirt that was tropical looking.

I was a bathing suit model. I had a wonderful husband. Even though we had a houseful of kids, he always told me I would be his number one love. I lost him last year. I have three children who live near here and two who live far away. I loved when they were young. We went to the shore every summer. I enjoyed my family so much.


One of the activity aides told me:

See that lady, sitting alone by the window. She was very famous fashion model. She has dementia and doesn’t remember any of that part of her life but her daughter told me all about her.  

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