Oh, no…sad seniors – no animals!

Patricia Gallagher BA, MBA
267 939 0365

Thank you, to all of the readers who have helped. I would like to thank Shelly from Doylestown, who is a friend of Mariah. She dropped five bags of wonderful furry critters by my side door on Sunday. I passed them out today at three senior healthcare facilities. I do not have a ph number to thank her.

On Friday, I am scheduled to go to 3 locations: 10:30 am in Langhorne, 2 pm in Burholme and 6:30 pm in Dresher. I only have 7 furry critters left….and then on Monday, I am scheduled to go to a Dementia Unit in Lansdale. The residents love them.

I am stopping my program for awhile after this week’s programs. I am going to Ecuador and will be helping out at an orphanage and having three weeks of “reflection” about what I want to do when I come back on July 29th. A church is sponsoring my trip.

So if anyone has NEW OR VERY GENTLY-USED stuffed animals that they can donate or meet me at the parking lot of the healthcare facility on Friday or Monday to give me your donations, that would be great. Maybe we could meet about 20 minutes before I begin my program. Or you can drop them off at my house in Chalfont. Please call and I can give you my address and directions.

A young woman from Perkasie named Crystal called a few weeks ago and said she had stuffed animals but when I called the number that I had for her, the message said not in service. If she reads this, we sure would appreciate your stuffed animals, if you still have them.

I hope to hear from some kind souls out there in stuffed animal land!

With gratitude,

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