I guess the elderly love stuffed animals!

I received this email today from an Activity Director. And my thanks go to all of my friends and “strangers” who heard about my project and reached out in love to help in so many ways. It is because of the generosity of all of the “new friends” who collected stuffed animals, made the birdseed and bubble packs, hand-crafted hundreds of tissue paper corsages,  made lap blankets and so many other wonderful things. I could never have done this alone. So the comments from Activity Directors are meant for all of you…the volunteers on the Stories for Seniors Project. I am so very grateful to everyone who has reached out to help.

“Patricia Gallagher’s “20 Wonderful Things” is amazing.  She gets all the residents involved in her reminiscing group.  She is wonderful with the residents and they all love her.  Her program is so unique and magical. 

 The residents really feel like they are back in the time period of the items she shows and then discusses.  The way she does this reminiscing program is unlike anything I haved seen before.  She also gives all the residents a stuffed animal, which they all love.  I recommend all the Recreation Directors have Patricia Gallagher come to your facility to put on an amazing program.  She had my interest as well as all the residents the entire time. 

 It really is refreshing to have such a wonderful, kind-hearted lady do an amazing program that captivates the interest and hearts of the residents.  Patricia’s reminiscing group is truly a unique and amazing experience.  I love Patricia’s program and will have her come back time and time again!-

Cara Broidrick, CTRS, Recreation Director at Chestnut Hill Lodge

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