Was that the hardest thing you ever went through, Loretta?

She was a very pretty lady.

I told God to take my legs off. The pain in both of my legs never stopped. I would rather not have my legs than the pain. Nothing could make it go away. I prayed and prayed and God answered my prayer. That is my testimonial. The pain went away.And God didn’t take my leg. He does this His own way and in His own time.

Then a second lady spoke up. She never smiled the whole time I was there. But I think she was enjoying the one hour discussion.

God answered my prayer, too. He took my leg.
I always pray for God’s Will in my life. I turned my life over to Him a long time ago.
For some reason in His Plan for my life, I did not need that leg anymore.
Was that the hardest thing you ever went through, Loretta?

She didn’t answer right away. She thought about the question for a few seconds and then responded.


I thought about all of the tragedies people have in their lives. I think she thought of other tough challenges that she suffered through and then answered the question.

Can you imagine that much pain that you would pray to ask God to remove your leg?

I will never forget the courage and faith of Loretta and Madeline.

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