Do you need a Team of Angels to help you with your need?

THE WORLD NEEDS A LITTLE KINDNESS……and I have something to share!

Last night, I couldn’t sleep. I KNEW that I had to do something with the team of angels pins, the ones that I created in 1999, when my family was in the midst of a tragedy and crisis. Over the years, I have given away over 78,500 of them to other hurting people.

The thought popped into my mind to let people know that I want to give them away, a dozen team of angels pins to each person who requests them with only one wish from me. PLEASE LOOK AROUND YOU….wherever you see a person in need: NEIGHBORHOOD, CHURCH, SUPPORT GROUP, YOUR CO-WORKERS….and give them a team of angels pin. It can be anonymously placed where somebody can find it or you can ask them IF THEY WOULD LIKE A TEAM OF ANGELS TO HELP?

No strings attached…….just contact me for information about how to distribute! I don’t want to sell them, no donations, just asking people to spread a little kindness with the help of a team of angels!(and if you would like me to mail them to you, just the cost of the postage to send a small box.) You can also come to my house to pick up your angels!)

Patricia C. Gallagher, BA, MBA
Cell: 267 939 0365
Author, Speaker, Consultant

Many years ago, in the 1990’s:
Appeared as guest on Oprah, the CBS Early Show, CNN, Maury, The 700 Club, Sally Jessy Raphael, CNBC

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