Help to burn some DVD’s for nursing home programs?

Patricia Gallagher BA, MBA
Director of Stories for Seniors Program
Cell: 267 939 0365

We visit senior healthcare communities such as nursing homes and continuing care retirement facilities. Our mission is to lift the spirits of the elderly. We do this in a variety of ways including giving each resident a stuffed animal or small gift. Please visit our site for stories about the project.

Our current need is:

We have found that the residents love to watch some of the You Tube videos about the good old days. One example is this link about Jackie Onassis and John F. Kennedy. The video shows clips of their wedding.

We have 20 links to YOU TUBE videos that are nostalgic for the residents to watch including some singers from the past singing familiar and favorite songs. Or the funny animal videos.

Thank you so much. I look forward to hearing from anyone who has any ideas about how we can accomplish this.

Are there any volunteers that could copy these to DVD’s? Is there a church youth group or a group of high school students who could help out with this project?

These are an example of some of the programs that we offer:
halloween 20 wonderful things flyer PDFfaith_sharing_for_your_residents_PDF_fllyer

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