Elena in so much pain…..crying

She had a pretty flowered dress on and was crying, half laying in a wheelchair. Not able to sit up straight.
You look so pretty, your dress and your makeup!

I only have lipstick on. I don’t feel very pretty.

Were you in an accident?

I had a stroke ten years ago when I was 58 years old. I used to be a bus driver.

She was crying out. My leg hurts so much. I am in so much pain. I am paralyzed on one side.

Can they give you a painkiller?

They gave me one. They can’t give me more because then I can’t go to the bathroom.

How sad how a stroke changes your happy life. A life filled with a home and family. And then a tragedy such as this and there is no one at home who can manage the care that you now require.

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