How can I really describe today?

The residents of this religious-based facility were seated around a long table. Out of the 16 residents, I would guess that half were active participants in the discussion. The rest were sleeping or suffering with dementia and not cognitively involved.

I had some faith-based videos of people singing favorite hymns such as HOLY, HOLY, HOLY and WORTHY IS HIS NAME. And of course, their favorite which is Mahala Jackson singing HE’S GOT THE WHOLE WORLD IN HIS HAND.



One lady was in a stretcher and crying. Just crying. A grandmom crying. I am sure that  family  (if she had anyone left) could not picture that a loved one was crying during a bright, sunny Friday morning. What if that was your mother, aunt or sister? What if it were you?

I just went over and put my hand on her  back. Just a soft touch. She reached back and clung to my hand. Her sobbing slowed down. Then, she kissed my hand and kept saying I LOVE YOU.

I knew she was not “really talking to me” but what I think is that my warm hand on her back reminded her of the time when she had someone to love and show affection to. So, today, just the touch of anybody’s hand was a form of a HEALING TOUCH. Maybe she missed the affection of a beloved pet, grandchild or spouse.

You know, when you aren’t feeling well and somebody brings you a cup of tea or shows any sort of affection, it is the best medicine…someone cares.

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