Some residents go home for the holidays with loved ones and sadly, some don’t.

Can you help with making easy tissue paper corsages or donate your new or gently-used stuffed animals for the elderly in local nursing homes?


This is the link how to make the VERY INEXPENSIVE TISSUE CORSAGES.


While many residents will go home with their families for Christmas, Thanksgiving and Hannukah, there are many who are sad about the loved ones that are gone or the fact that they can no longer live at home.

We like to bring them little “items of joy” such as paper corsages and furry critters to hold. For many folks, they need  a little “something”  to take their minds off of the losses in their lives – loss of family, home and health.

Thank you.

Patricia Gallagher BA, MBA

Director of Stories for Seniors

Cell: 267 939 0365

It is best to call as there are so many SPAM responses on email and I hesitate to open a lot of them.

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