I am so lonely.

Today at a senior living facility:

It is a beautiful place. The lobby sparkles. The Activity Calendar posted on the wall tells of lots of interesting things that are going on. And whenever I share about the place that I could see myself working full-time, this facility is the one that seems like one of the nicest places to live. But I guess when you are up in years, it is not like being at home, with your wife…….no matter how beautiful the place appears to outsiders. This is what one 88-year-old man told me today:

My wife died a month after we moved in here. She went in to the hospital because she had a fall and then got pneumonia. Five days later, we had her funeral. I miss her. She really had chutzpah, do you know what that means? It means nerve, gall or spunk. Yes, that is the way she was SPIRITED. We used to go on cruises and lots of restaurants because we did food and travel reviews. We would get to go to these places because she would call the PR department and say DO YOU WANT TO GET YOUR PLACE REVIEWED? They wanted the publicity and we had the fun. We still had to use our own money for gas and pay a tip at the restaurants. After 20 years of doing that, I think we had been to all of the restaurants that were any good in the Delaware Valley. I have been in this wheelchair for seven years.

He looked away from me, his eyes toward a picture of her on the wall. I am so lonely.

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