A little Paddington Bear for a little boy

I was sitting in my car in front of Target in Bucks County today and I saw a mother getting very frustrated with her little boy. He looked to be about 3-years-old and the young 20-something mother looked like she was dressed up for work. The kid was crying and she was yelling. I could see things were escalating and wondered what I had in the van that might de-escalate the way things were going. It scared me to hear some of the things that she was saying to him – the kind of words that can scar a kid for life. Her other child, a girl about six years old, walked a few feet ahead of her.

I looked in one of the large trash bags of stuffed animals and saw a cute Paddington Bear. I walked over to the mom and said. “Your little boy is so cute. You are a lucky mom. Can I give him this bear?”She smiled at me and the kid stopped crying and clutched the bear. I gave her a hug. I heard her saying –
“Oh my gosh, that is so nice. Billy, wasn’t that lady nice to give you the bear? I can’t believe this!”

I felt so happy. The dynamics between the frustrated mom and the frustrated little boy changed dramatically.

So, thank you to the person that donated that little Paddington Bear. It didn’t go to a senior living in a nursing home but it sure carried some loving energy in a situation that did not look too loving.

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