Is there anyone you would like us to pray for this week?

The group that I visited with today is a very religious group. They like to pray and sing hymns. I asked the question: WHO WOULD YOU LIKE US TO PRAY FOR THIS WEEK?

My grandson Matthew who is 20 years old and just joined the service.

My husband Ted who had a heart attack.

My husband Frank
I want to go home. I have been here four months. I want to walk again. (sobbing while she said the words)

For all of my friends in here. I never got any hugs of love from my family growing up so the people here are my family. The other day Peggy was feeling sad and crying and I went to her room and held her hand. She seemed to feel better after we talked. Nobody ever did that for me so I know how nice it feels to help someone who is in need of a tender touch or hug.

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