Look! I have the stuffed animals you gave me last time.

I had fifty beautiful tissue paper corsages made by Kristen the mom and the neighborhood kids from Collegeville. They were a big hit with all of the residents. The colors were vibrant and we attached them to the walkers and the wheelchairs. I had three left in my bag as I was leaving so I stepped in to a small room and offered the lady a flower. She loved it and thanked me profusely for it. It brightened her room because her smile was so bright.

And then I gave the last two flowers to some lonely looking ladies who were staring out of a window. One did not speak English. Can you imagine spending all of your days with people that you can not speak to? People who do not understand your eastern European language. The flowers and stuffed animals can “communicate” even when words are not available. I saw a smile even though she could not even say Thank you in English. Her smile said THANK YOU in a language that all nationalities could understand.

I still have the stuffed animals you gave me last time. See, look over on my bulletin board. I attached the little leopard on with a tack. And see over on the television, there is the cute little frog.

That really makes me happy. These little gifts donated by “strangers” bring such joy to the nursing home residents. I know you may not realize it unless you work there or visit someone there but there is a lot of IN-BETWEEN TIME where people are just sitting and waiting and waiting……waiting for dinner, waiting for a doctor, waiting for a hoped for visitor.

Your little gifts of tissue paper corsages and stuffed animals are just fun to give out and so fun for the residents to receive. Just think what it is like for you when someone GIVES YOU SOMETHING totally unexpected. It is the element of a surprise GIFT and the fun of choosing the flower or the stuffed animal from the basket that makes this project a form of “therapy.” So thank you, everybody, who has helped me over the past few years!

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