I have my mother’s hankie with her name on it.

Patricia, you asked who I loved the most in my life or loved me the most, right? It was my mother, then my Nanna and then my Pop. My father would be 4th because he made me tow the line..mow the lawn, mop the basement floor and things like that.

My Nanna took me places like to the Spring Mill fair. She played BINGO there and won me a stuffed animal horse. It was a big one about two feet high. I played with that until I was about eight years old. Children need stuffed animals. I was an only child.

And yes, I loved a girl one time but never got married. Her name was Barbara.

My mother was a waitress before I was born. She wore a hankie on her waitress uniform. You know how the waitresses used to fluff them up and have them on a pocket in the front of their waitress uniform. Her name was Rose but one of her friends embroidered her name on it and it says ROSA. So I guess the hankie is about 60 years old now.

I would like to show it to you. But it is in the safe right now for safe-keeping. It has a little stain on it. But I treasure it because it is from my mom. I never get any “signs” from her in Heaven. Some people say that their departed loved ones give them “signs” – I wish that would happen but it has been many years since she died. That is why I love that HANKIE. Because it was so close to her heart. And she was the one who loved me the most.

He continued:
I don’t have anyone that loves me anymore. The ladies in charge here are really good to me. And I like my room-mate. But is not like having family that loves you and takes you home for the holidays or comes to visit you. I never married so no wife or kids to love me.

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