The American flag is the most beautiful of all flags.

Today at a healthcare facility:

I brought in two American flags and two residents held the flags while we said the Pledge of Allegiance. The flags were donated by Kristen from Collegeville whose husband is in the military.

This is what one resident said as he held the flag:

The American flag is the most beautiful. Not just the stars and the stripes but the way they are arranged. Most people just look at a flag and take it for granted. I don’t. It is much more than what it appears at a quick glance. It not only stands for freedom but it carries all of the hopes, heartaches, heartbreaks, and dreams of many generations past. I went to West Chester College and studied History and then taught middle-school history. I think back to major milestones in History such as when JFK was killed and more recently the bombing of the World Trade Center…… many hard lessons were learned and think of all of the sacrifices that Americans have made through the World Wars I and II. And all of the other conflicts such as in Granada and the wars in Korea, Vietnam, Kosovo…..they may have called some of the wars “conflicts” but try telling people who fought or who had loved ones wounded or killed that they were “conflicts” ……….I love America and I love our flag.

You are right, Bucky. I never stared at it until you made your observation. It is so beautiful. I will never look at a flag in the same way again. Thanks for showing me that.

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