I wasn’t going to bring the stuffed animals in to the facility today……

I went to a very swanky facility today and thought that the people might be too upscale to appreciate gently used stuffed animals. So, I brought in all of my reminiscence props and the video clips of Grace Kelly, Doris Day, Dean Martin, Elizabeth Taylor, Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby.

It was five minutes before the starting time of my 2 pm program and I changed my mind. I made a mad dash out to my car. I grabbed all of the stuffed animals that I had left….thanks to Mary’s donation from Glenside just last night. She had been saving her two daughters’ Cabbage Patch dolls and lots of stuffed animals. They recently said to her, “Mom, we don’t want them. Why are you saving them for us?”

Mary called me last night and said they were mine for the taking!

Well, guess what? I have never had a group of people who needed and appreciated the joy of the furry critters more than the ladies in the swanky facility. They absolutely loved them. From now on, I will not make any assumptions about RICH PEOPLE AND STUFFED ANIMALS.

I was totally wrong. They wanted them for themselves, for their grandchildren and for their great-grandchildren. And most wanted more than one – not because they were being greedy. It was because they thought they were all so cute and couldn’t decide about selecting the ONE that they wanted….so some took a pair or three or four!

What a beautiful sight to see Disney Lion Kings, Clifford the Big Red Dogs, Beanie Babies and giant Teddy Bears and little rabbits…..ALL BEING CUDDLED BY THEIR NEW ADOPTIVE MOTHERS.

I asked why they liked the one that they selected:

Patricia, you randomly gave me this Clifford the Dog. In the 1950’s, my children had a little friend from our neighborhood. He died when he was seven years old of leukemia. And I looked at the name tag on this dog and it is CLIFFORD. That was our little friend’s name. Clifford.

Patricia, you gave me this bunny. This was perfect for me because my kids always had bunnies as pets and we kept them in cages. No, I don’t want to trade this bunny for any of the others. This bunny is bringing a smile to my heart just thinking of my kids with their bunnies.

Patricia, I like this skunk. I used to take my kids camping and one time we brought my nephew and he caught a skunk. He wanted to know if he could bring it home. I also want to keep this one because I have a friend who is a REAL STINKER and I want to give it to him.

Patricia, I like this frog because my father was a real nature lover. He would take us to Pennypack Park and Pennypack Creek and teach us all about the great outdoors.

Patricia, can I have eight stuffed animals? I have 8 great-grandchildren and I can’t be unfair and give to one and not all of the others.

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