Needed: Small gifts for people who are lonely and discouraged

Needed: Small gifts for people who are lonely and discouraged (Phila/suburbs)


Patricia Gallagher BA, MBA
Cell: 267 939 0365
Director of Stories for Seniors Program

Have you ever visited someone in a nursing home? There are so many people who have no one to bring them any gifts, or even some of the necessities. No one to visit them. During the past few years, I have posted my “wish list” and the responses have been amazing.

Over 5,000 new and gently used stuffed animals and more than 1,000 tissue paper corsages have been donated and distributed to the seniors living in healthcare communities in the Phila and suburban areas.

So, what do we need for the holiday season? Actually, for October, November and December.

New little gifts that you would like to re-gift – Small items that are new and can be given to the residents. Items that maybe someone gave to you and you can not use it.

Things you might buy at the Dollar Store.

Perfume, body spray fragrance, note paper, decorative pen or holiday pin to wear.

New and gently used stuffed animals.

New clothes with tags still on them for women. (We can’t give people used clothes.) I am surprised at the number of people who tell me that if they had money that they would buy themselves a new outfit. Many of the people wear large and extra large sizes.

Small bottles of hand lotion like the kind you get in hotels.

Tissue paper corsages – the type that people make for wedding decorations. ( I can send you the link to see how to make them. Very simple to make. Elementary school children and scout troops would love doing this project!)

Unopened and sealed boxes of candy or bags of hard candy.

Whatever you think would make a nice gift for someone who needs a little DAY-BRIGHTENER!
(Nice things that you would give to your own elderly aunt or mother living in a senior facility.)

The residents like to smell and feel pretty, feel like they used to in days gone by. They like the attention of someone saying, “Oh, what a pretty pin.” Or, “Mary, where did you get that pretty Christmas vest?”

Perhaps, these little gifts can be somthingh  that they can use to give to others, a present for a visitor or a favorite staff nursing aide who takes care of their personal needs.

Mother Teresa said, “Do all the good you can. In all of the ways you can. Whenever you can. Wherever you can.” I feel that all of the people who have helped out with the project for the past two years certainly live by that credo.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you. It is best to call my cell phone because I hesitate to open unfamiliar emails due to the many spam responses.

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