At a very upscale retirement community…..


I didn’t bring the stuffed animals into this place today for a couple of reasons. I only had a dozen left in my van and they were not “fresh and new or gently used.” They were not the cream of the crop and were sort of in the pile to be passed along to another charity.

I have to be very particular about what we give to residents as “gifts.”

And the second reason was that I thought that maybe this group of residents would be too “upscale” to want a furry critter.

At the end of the program 20 WONDERFUL THINGS ABOUT OCTOBER AND HALLOWEEN, five ladies were standing next to me as I was packing my “props” back into my suitcase.

Click to access halloween-20-wonderful-things-flyer-pdf.pdf

Guess what? They remembered me from before and were “hoping” that I had the stuffed animals!

I searched through my bags and found five stuffed animals that I did not realize that I had that were in excellent condition. The smiles could have lit up the room.

And this was another very RITZY place…….and yes, they love receiving any type of unexpected gift. Thank you, everybody, who helps out with the project.

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