Operation Secret Santa for the lonely at Christmas Time

Dear Friends and Family,

Could you please forward this request to any group or to anyone that you think would like to help with this project?

Our goal is to have 650 “gifts” for the lonely residents of Philadelphia and suburban senior healthcare facilities.

My sister and I have 30 nursing homes scheduled to visit in December, averaging 25 people at each facility.

We will also be visiting two AIDS Hospices in Philadelphia, (For me, the saddest of the sad!) the Women’s Correctional Facility, a drug and alcohol recovery center, the Southeastern Veterans Home in Spring City, and a homeless shelter for women and children.

Even though it seems early to get started for holiday visits, it is a pretty big job and “donations” to help cover the costs or assistance of any kind are very welcome!

We need to have everything purchased, packaged, and “ready-to-deliver” by December 1st.

As one activity director told me about her facility – “65% of the nursing home residents do not have friends or family that visit them.”

Please view the flyer below which details the mission of Operation Secret Santa.

OPERATION SECRET SANTA colorful flyer version

Thank you very much.

Patricia Gallagher
106 Heath Court
Chalfont, PA 18914
Cell: 267 939 0365

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