I was getting a little discouraged and then got this email!

Well, we need 650 gift bags with little items for our visits to nursing homes starting December 1st. I was just sitting in a church in Langhorne and just saying to God, If you want me to really do this project Operation Santa for the Lonely in Nursing Homes and Others Who Need Encouragement…PLEASE SEND PEOPLE TO HELP ME.

An hour later, while sitting in the Richboro Library, I checked my email and I was so excited to hear from the lady who responded in the email shown below.

650 gift bags or filled Christmas stockings is a lot but I figure that there are groups of kids, classrooms, youth groups, neighbors, scout troops. PTA’s looking for a holiday project…… so I am just PRAYING FOR A TEAM OF ANGELS TO HELP! I hope to hear from you!

Thanks a million from me….and the sweet older people in the nursing homes who do not have any family or friends left that visit them.


I happened upon your Craigslist ad quite by accident, but I’m so glad I did. My children have lots of hardly used stuffed animals and baby blankets but, I was also wondering how our church’s youth groups and congregation could help with your need for stuffed animals, tissue paper corsages and other items. What other items are needed and would be appreciated by the seniors that you will be visiting for the Christmas season and what is your timeline for needing these items?

I was also wondering how and where you collect the items that would be donated. Our home and our church home are both located in the Quakertown. Pa area.

My response to her:

Wow, you are an answer to prayer. I was just sitting in a church saying to God…if you want me to do this, please send someone to help me. And here I am sitting in the Richboro Library and I get your email. I am so very grateful.

Here are my ideas. I would love the help of a congregation. That is the missing piece. I have just had a few onesy and twosy type respondees such as a lady in South Jersy and someone who lives down by the airport. It is so far to go …so I was praying for a “group” who might like to help. My main focus is described below. We do not need people to go with us but people to put together “gifty” bags as I say, the types of things that if your aunt, grandmother or mother was in a nursing home, that she would like to receive.

We do have men, too so for them, the hard candies and they love that Old Spice cologne. Whatever you think of will be SO GREATLY APPRECIATED. I live in Chalfont so we could always meet half way or work something out.YOU ARE AN ANGEL TO ME. Thanks so much. Home made treats are always welcome…(as long as I can vouch for the type of people who are donating them. “Church ladies from your area” are wonderful!)

Thank you so much.


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