It was a wonderful day today!

My friend went with me today and it was great to have an extra set of hands to help me carry all of my things in – the bags of stuffed animals, the tissue paper corsages and the two suitcases filled with the “props” that I use in the program.

Sometimes it is hard to describe what happens. There were two women and one man who were blind. Blind, if we really picture what that really means… is hard to really comprehend the hardship.

I placed a pink and purple tissue paper corsage on Mary’s lap. She was wearing dark glasses. She reached down and felt it. What is it? Your hands are so cold?

Miss Bernice sitting next to her said, “Rose, it is a very pretty little flower with a white satin ribbon on it.”

The other lady started to cry when we were singing I’ll Never Stop Loving You.

One of the staff took a stuffed animal from the table and placed the little kitten in her arms. She hugged it throughout the hour long program.

And the man in the back that had lost his sight, he sang every song..with gusto.

Miss Bernice said,” I love that big red dog on your table.”

That is for you!

What do you mean, for me? It’s not my birthday.

She couldn’t believe she could keep it and neither could the other 14 people who left the program with stuffed animals on their laps – Mickey Mouses, Minnie Mouses, Jiminy Cricket and wonderful Disney characters donated by a lady in Glenside. When she gave them to me, I said to her husband, “Your kids must have been spoiled by a Grandma that bought lots of sounvenirs from Disney World.”

Nope, no kids. They belong to my wife. Her mother came to live with us so we had to do a lot of clearing out of closets and rooms to make room for another person. My wife had so many nice ones and so did her mother.

I can not express the joy that the Disney characters and the Clifford the Big Red Dog made for a group of wonderful residents in Philadelphia.

And then I showed a few great videos and we sang along.

Blanche said, “You are making me feel young again.”

Betty Anne pulled me down to her level and said,”Thank you for coming to see us. I am really having a good time.”

I am having such a great time here, too!

And I offered one of my Team of Angels pin with the inspirational poem card to whoever wanted one. There were lots of hands raised and angels passed out. They have comforted me over the years. Hope they do the same for my new friends!

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