She just kept staring at the stuffed dog in disbelief.

I made a lot of room visits at a local nursing home. I spent an hour visiting the bed-bound, the people who were not well enough to come out to the activity room.

I went in and the lady had her television blaring with a religious preacher giving a sermon. I am not sure if she had a hearing problem or if she just liked to hear him loud and clear.

I asked,”Do you have time for a little visit?”

Yes, I do.

I was doing a program for the other residents and the Activity Director asked me to wander down the hall and she if anyone else would like a stuffed animal.

I reached into my big plastic bag and pulled out a white dog. It looked a little “too well-loved” so I had not given it to anyone else since I only like to pass out NEW AND VERY GENTLY-USED stuffed animals.

Her eyes lit up with excitement as she cradled it in her arms. I am going to name him Lil after me.

She looked at the white dog tenderly.

I am going to take him to bed with me. Right here, next to my pillow. That’s where he is going to sleep.

She just stared at me in disbelief, dumbfounded that a stranger had just given her a gift.

I gave her 5 Team of Angels pins. I read her the poem and after I finished, she thought of her “best friends” who all needed a Team of Angels to help them with a need. (

Patricia, what I learned is that you should always be kind to everyone you meet. If you do that, when you have a problem, there will always be someone to help you out. My husband died three years ago. I met him in church. After he died, I tried to live with my daughter but that did not work out. That is why I had to move here a year ago.

Then, I remembered a crocheted blanket that I had in my bag with a colorful pattern made by the Grandma in Mayfair. I had been saving this one all year. It was the last one of the 35 donated and I didn’t want to “waste it” on just anyone. I knew that this lady was the one that needed it most.She was so appreciative of the white dog and the angel pins….and I was right on target. Once again, her eyes said it all.

Delighted, emotional………..just two words to describe her reaction.

Thank you everybody for helping me to bring joy to the seniors. I couldn’t do it without your wonderful help!

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