He said, “I knew Dick Clark.”

I showed this video today at the assisted living facility. The song by Sam Cooke was introduced by Dick Clark of American Bandstand. I heard Bob say to the lady next to him, “I used to be on American Bandstand.”

Are you a Philly guy? How did you get on Bandstand?

I went to Roman Catholic High School. I am 72 years old. Lots of us went down there every Friday after school. I knew Dick Clark. People think the people that danced on that show are no longer around. But they are. I wish there could be a reunion of the old Bandstand crowd.

Hmmm, that’s getting me thinking. I wonder how we could arrange that. I would love to see those gals and guys dancing again. I bet they wouldn’t miss a beat and they would remember all of the old steps. I want to go back and talk to him. I bet he has some great stories.

The Activity Director asked if I had given out stuffed animals. I said I only gave out three this time. The first three people that came in got them. And I had three tissue paper corsages left so I gave them to the ladies that helped me set up. I pinned them onto their sweaters. I smiled and said to them, “That’s your little gift for being the teacher’s pet.”

Jennifer from Fox Chase called and said she has a couple of bags of Build a Bears. So, hopefully, on my next visit there, I will have a stuffed animal for whoever wants one.

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