Possum or opossum for Violet’s future grandchild?

I get a kick out of the folks that I meet on my nursing home visits. I held a stuffed animal for all to see and said, “Who would like this mother mouse with her little baby mouse?”

Someone called out, “That’s not a mouse. That’s a mother possum and a baby possum.” She was right!

As the lady cradled the twosome through the program and the activity director mentioned how cute it was, Violet said, “I want this for my future GREAT-GRANDCHILD. My grand-daughter got married last year and they are going to start trying to have a baby. I am going to save this for her.

Oh my gosh……I guess it is always good to be PREPARED. It was just kind of touching to me to think that this little furry animal meant so much to a lady that lives in a very upscale retirement community. Thank you to everybody who donates them for me to pass out.

Then she added, “I can hold on to this at night. I usually hold on to my pillow, ever since my husband died – two years ago in October. Some of the songs that you played made me a little tearful, thinking about going to dances with him but they were also happy tears because I had him for a long time. I guess that is just the way life is – nothing lasts forever.

And they all remember the love story of Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart:

I looked this up online. What is the difference?

Some believe that possums and opossums are both the same animal. This is quite incorrect, however.

The “possum” of North America is just a shorter name for an opossum, but true possums are different from opossums, and not related at all, except by virtue of both animals being marsupials. •Possums belong to the family Phalangeridae and order Marsupialia, while opossums belong to the order Didelphimorphia, although they are also marsupials

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