My other project: Christmas on Lindbergh Mountain

Dear Friends,

I know this is not related to the STORIES FOR SENIORS PROJECT but just a little update of a fun project that I am working on. As some of you know, I am a author. (

I have a new book coming out this month. Here is a little bit about it.

Patricia Gallagher, the author of the charming new tale, Christmas on Lindbergh Mountain – the True Story of Santa on Christmas Eve, is requesting memories from your own childhood or from the days when you were raising your family. The audio play on CD is narrated and directed by renowned actress Lauren Pierson-Swanson, and will be available on November 22.

As a thank-you “gift” for your response , we will send you a free download of the audio book on November 22, 2011.

Please email your responses to:

1. How does your family provide a warm welcome for Santa on Christmas Eve?
2. What are some ideas other than just putting out milk and cookies for Santa?
3. How did Santa know how to find your house?
4. What do reindeers and elves like to eat?
5. What did you do to get ready for Santa?
6. What were some magical family traditions that were fun to do?
7. What are some simple ways to prove to the kids that Santa’s been there?
(Before the kids go down and see the gifts under the tree, are there some “Santa Clues” that give the kids a hint that Santa has visited their home?)
· Santa taped candy canes to the bedroom door.
· A note from Santa is under the pillow.
· HO-HO-HO is spelled out on the bathroom counter with Post Alpha-Bits cereal letters.
· A stocking is filled with some little stuffed animals and hanging on the child’s door knob.
· A little elf shoe has been left behind by Santa. (A baby shoe from the thrift shop.)

Thank you, Friends and Family. Could you please forward to others who believe in the magic of Christmas for little boys and girls – of all ages!

Cell: 267 939 0365

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