Why the residents needed a Team of Angels to Help today……..

I created the SEND A TEAM OF ANGELS TO HELP MOVEMENT about 12 years ago. (www.teamofangels.com)

When I visit the seniors, I always show them the trio of angels pin and the poem that is attached to it, that I wrote during a difficult time in my life. I nd ask if they would like to have one….or several for friends in need.

After passing them out today:

Patricia, my son has Alzheimers. He is only 70
years old. I live here. I am 94 years old. Can I please have four for my family?

Patricia, my grandson who was26 died of a drug overdose. He was in rehab and was doing good for a while……

Patricia, I have a 11-yer-old grandson with autism. I would like one for my daughter and her husband.

Patricia, I need another one for myself. I broke my pelvis three years ago and I am still here. I guess I am never going home again. I wish that I had not tred to pick up a pie.ce of paper on the floor. I slipped and here I am, forever, I guess.

Patricia, my husband has dementia and we both live here. I had so much anxiety taking care of him at home so my adult children thought it would be best if we were both here. He is in the dementia unit and I live in the independent section.

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