Seven beautiful siblings and their Grandmom help out!

I received a call from a grandmother who spends every Tuesday with her 7 beautiful grandchildren – ages 2 to 15. Their mom and dad homeschool their kids but on Tuesdays, they do an activity with their grandparents.

This past Tuesday they decided to help out with the Operation Secret Santa for People in Nursing Homes – especially for the elderly that have no one to visit them. No one brings them any gifts to open for Christmas.

So this is what this family did! They all went shopping and the kids chose things to fill 3 festively decorated shoeboxes for the seniors living in healthcare communities.

And what did they select? Lifesavers, Pepperidge Farm Goldfish crackers, Chapstick, crossword puzzle books, colored pens, a Teddy Bear, hand and body lotion, tissues, brushes and combs, notecards, sugar-free candy…..and three boxes filled to overflowing with lovely items.

The grandmom said that they had fun doing it together and that they just wanted to “spread God’s love.” And the boxes were a little tricky to wrap, she told me. But, they did it by themselves, with attractive green, red and white Santa Claus patterned wrapping paper.

Three cheers for the whole clan for showing me a family who is teaching kids the right things about life – helping others. And – Grandmom said that all of them pitched in.

Just look at those sweet little faces…….now there is evidence of God’s love!

These boxes of little gifts are going to bring great joy to the people that we visit in December. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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