Elaine and her 12 year-old son…..what a kind-spirited mom and young man

During the snow storm of a few weeks ago, Elaine called me. Her son who attends a charter school had to do a community service project. She saw my request on Craigs List for tissue paper corsages for the residents. So, in the middle of the blizzard like conditions, she and her son went to the Dollar Store and bought three packs of tissue paper and a pack of pipecleaners. And then they spent the rest of the night and several nights after that creating beautiful tissue paper with colorful sparkly tissue paper as well as beautiful pastel shades.

I don’t know exactly how they did it but they added their own special touches…..maybe it was trimming the edges of the paper a certain way or the size of the sheets of paper that they used but they were so realistic looking. Elaine said that they watched the videos on-line about how to make them and just followed the directions. She said it was easy = that anyone could do it.

Elaine showed me her son’s photo and what a cute kid he is. But there is something else special about him.

He enclosed a thank you note to me for giving him the opportunity to help to put smiles on peoples’ faces. And he drew a big smiley face on the note card. And that is exactly what happened when we passed them out in Telford on Tuesday. There was a room filled with people in wheelchairs and they all got one…..he made 50 tissue paper corsages and there were 42 smiley faces in the room. Perfect, huh?

So, no need to thank me…..the residents and I want to thank K. and his mom, for their kind deed. It was a community service project that yielded a roomful of happy people, thanks to your flowers.

Thank you to Elaine and her son K. for responding to my posting on that snowy night.

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