Addie, come on in. You will have fun.

The activity director said that Addie doesn’t come out of her room for any of the programs. Her family wants her to but she just likes to keep to herself.

Addie, come on in with Patricia. You will have lots of fun. She gives a present to everyone.

She wheeled herself in and looked pretty sad.

Then I gave her the cutest stuffed animal and she actually beamed with delight.
She participated and answered questions. She smiled and told a funny story about when she was a hairdresser and the GIRLFRIEND AND THE WIFE of her doctor were in the salon at the same time. They didn’t know about each other but she knew that they were both involved romantically with the same man.

I didn’t say anything to anybody. I always just let both of them tell me how wonderful the man was. I knew so much…you know how ladies always spill the beans to their hairdresser, like we are psychiatrists or something.

She asked me, “When are you coming back? I want to be here.

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