Anne and her grand-daughter came by today……..

I have met the nicest people lately. About a month ago, I decided to collect small items that I could bring to the seniors living in senior living communities, AIDS hospices, recovery centers and wherever people need a little holiday cheer.

Anne came by today laden with bags of beautiful things including several pairs of the softest prettiest pajamas I have ever seen. She asked if maybe her church members could help out. That would be wonderful. I have no idea how many gift bags I wil have available to pass out on my December visits. I put out the word that I would like to have everything ready to go by December 1st. I didn’t want to have a lot of residents expecting a treat bag and not be able to bring something for all who needed a holiday gift.

Anne and I are going to meet for breakfast this week.

I have a few people that I know have goodies to share: two young men who are collecting new and gently-used stuffed animals as part of their Bar Mitzvah project, a PTA mom who is having her daughter’s 4th grade class make tissue paper corsages, two ladies from Hatfield who have filled decorated shoe boxes, and a mom who actually said that her daughter told her friends that instead of bringing a birthday present for her party – that she would like them to bring a stuffed animal or small gift that she and her mom can donate to the Operation Secret Santa for People in Nursing Homes.

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