Kathi’s blankets and the two very happy ladies

Kathy brought about 75 tubes of handcreme for the residents that we will be visiting and lots of other goodies, too. She had helped her own 81-year-old mother clean out some of her closets and found a lot of things that were not being used. So, she bagged them and brought them back with her from Florida to her home in Pennsylvania. Last Sunday, she brought a few beautifully wrapped shoeboxes and lots of items that will bring joy to the people in nursing homes.

Included in the bags were an assortment of new Christmas cards and envelopes. On my visit to a nursing home in Philadelphia yesterday, I held each card up and asked who needed a card to send to a friend. I bet you can guess how fast those cards were distributed! The activity director and I walked around and gave each person 3 or 4 cards.

Kathi gave me two beautifully crocheted afghans. I saw two ladies and knew they were going to be the recipients. They both looked very glum…..like they needed a little cheering up. After all, it was Thanksgiving Day and they were stil there…..no home to go home to.

Because of the two blankets, their expressions changed to joy.

You mean I can keep it. You are giving this to me. A stranger. Oh my golly, my feet are always cold. I love this.

Who made this? It is so beautiful and so warm. Tell whoever made it that I said that they are so caring. This blanket is really touching my heart. This blanket is really making me feel warm inside, too. I am Irish and I believe in angels. Whoever made this and donated it is AN ANGEL WITH FEET.

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