Son comes to visit for about 10 minutes…poor lady waiting and then he was gone!

I was at a facility on Thanksgiving morning and I asked everybody questions related to what they were thankful for……One lady said her two sons. One was a teacher and the other was a mechanic. Both had good jobs and were wonderful “boys,” probably both in their late 50’s.

My son is coming in this morning for a visit so I will probably have to leave in the middle of your program.

Her son came in and she left with him. Ten minutes later she was back and no son was with her.

My son had things he had to do so he just brought me some flowers.

She rolled her wheelchair back to the same spot where she was just a short time before….when she was so excited about her son coming for a vist.

And what a hasty visit it was.

I think that is why your gifts mean so much to the residents. Little unexpected acts of kindness wrapped up in the shoeboxes and gift bags that you all have so generously given to me to pass out.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my new friends that I have met through this project. I appreciate everything!

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