The little boxes made from Christmas cards….so beautiful

Sandra called after reading the article in The Reporter about my OPERATION SECRET SANTA FOR PEOPLE IN NURSING HOMES. She told me that when she was working; she is retired now, though…..she used to spend her lunch hour making little jewelry size boxes with Christmas cards brought in by her co-workers. Just picture the little white jewelry boxes with the cotton inside…….Somehow, and it is so magical to me to imagine how she does this….she folds a used Christmas card and somehow the top of the box has a beautiful Christmas scene and she folds the card to make the bottom of the box, too.

When she first opened the three plastic bags that she brought to me, I saw about 40 wrapped boxes. I said,”Oh, my gosh, you wrapped all of these boxes?”

She said, “I made them.”

I was incredulous. Made them? Impossible.

In each one she had different kinds of candies, some no-sugar for people with diabetes and many different treats to eat. Wrapped cookies and jewelry and just so many different things that will bring smiles to the people we visit in the nursing homes.

She said that her neighbor helped her to fill the boxes and that she has one more friend, Rose, who promised her that she would help with the project, too. These little treat boxes will make all of the difference in the world to a group of strangers. The true meaning of Christmas is held within the little boxes.

They will go to our seniors in nursing homes – the ones who are in unfamiliar surroundings, who can not be with the ones they love; the gift boxes filled with loving thoughts might be a burst of joy at a time of loneliness, when a person is feeling sad, when you are no longer living in your own HOME SWEET HOME.

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