The silk scarves……

On Thanksgiving, I offered a program at a nursing home in Philadelphia. When I finished I was sitting in my van, just trying to regroup and plan what I needed to do for the rest of the day. An elderly lady, all dressed in black, knocked on the passenger side window. Are you the lady from the church? Are you here to give me a ride to the dinner?

No, I was just doing an activity here.

Okay, I guess I better just sit over on the bench and keep waiting for her. I don’t know what she looks like. Somebody from a church around here invited me to come to a turkey dinner. I always seem to be waiting and waiting……..

I wondered what I could give her. Maybe something that I had in my van…a little trinket that she could give the lady as a Thanks for the Hospitality gift.

I found one of my team of angels pins, a pretty one with a poem A TEAM OF ANGELS FOR SOMEONE SPECIAL. She loved it.

Then I remembered the packages that my friend Louise had donated the night before. There were two shoeboxes filled with little items that would bring cheer to people in nursing homes. I was planning on saving them for my December visits. But the silk scarves seemed to be saying OFFER ONE TO THE LADY IN BLACK.

I showed her the pretty aqua blue one and the black patterned one. Both brand-new with the tags still on them. She picked the black one. I draped it around her shoulders on top of the old-fashioned “sensible and sturdy looking” black coat she was wearing. Suddenly, the drab black outfit sparkled and her face sparkled too with surprise and gratitude.

The warmth of Christmas started a little early, thanks to my high school friend, Louise. Thank you, Louise, for the gift of sharing that went to a lady in Germantown. Someone brought you two together, although you have never met!

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