Trevor and the Mitzvah Project

Hi Trisha – I hope all is well with you. I was just following up to confirm that Trevor is wrapping up his collection, hoping to get the last of the things from some additional family members tomorrow. I haven’t taken a full inventory but he got a lot of stuffed animals, a good number of small gifts and made about 60 flower corsages. I am off next Monday as is Trevor, and I wanted to check your schedule to see if that is a day we could possibly meet to drop off all these items. If you do need me to bring them directly to Chalfont, I could do that as well. Mid-afternoon would be best for us.

Patricia – Trevor and I really enjoyed meeting you today. We’re so glad you will be able to put to use all the things he collected for his Mitzvah Project. We’ve attached a few pictures of Trevor with the stuffed animal and gift collection if you would like to post them on your website. Thank you so much for allowing us to help your organization. Sincerely,

Sometimes you just feel so happy when you see a mother and a young son together – smiling and laughing and working together. Julie contacted me about a month ago and asked if Trevor could adopt our project for his Bar Mitzvah Project.

Today, we met at the Richboro Shopping Center parking lot so that we could transfer all of the items that he collected and load them into my car.

They were such a beautiful twosome, so happy to help and I was so happy to be on the receiving end. Lots of absolutely fluffy and beautiful stuffed animals, close to a hundred gift-y items and about 60 tissue paper corsages that the family has artfully made…..and oh, what a flair they had with the colors and the design. They added their own special touches that I have never seen……Julie said that Trevor was creative and that sure came through with his flower designs.

I can’t wait to bring these items to the nursing homes in December. Thank you to this wonderful mom who is showing her son by example what the spirit of holiday giving is all about.

And a special thanks to Trevor for sending emails out to a lot of his relatives and friends……he did a wonderful job! A young man that I would be so proud of………if he was my son!!!

One thought on “Trevor and the Mitzvah Project

  1. I am Trevor’s cousin, and I know I can speak for all of us that we are very very proud of him, he is an exceptional person and I am lucky to have the chance to know him. Good job Trev.


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