It is such a nice day. Let’s go to Walmart and then go to Chalfont….

Jan called the other day. She has been through some tough times herself. A serious illness and lots of health complications after the surgery. We talked for about 15 minutes and it felt like we were two friends who had known each other for a long time….. just connected because she read the article and wanted to buy some things for the seniors.

I said to my husband today, “Ed, it is a nice day. Why don’t we drive to Walmart and buy some items for the Operation Secret Santa? I told him that it is going to be rainy for the rest of the week and we can’t leave the items outside of Patricia’s door if it is bad weather. So we went to Walmart and got the holiday fleece blankets, the adorable stuffed bears and the greeting cards. I hope you can use them for your holiday visits.”

So when I came home today, my son told me that he had brought the bags in ……and how my mother and I enjoyed looking at all of the beautiful gifts. I am going to a nursing home in Langhorne on Friday and I know just the people that I want to give these special items to……they will love them and really APPRECIATE what Ed and Jane did out of the kindness of their hearts.

I am just so amazed and happy to have met so many nice new friends through this project. I am sending you a bunch of HUGS THAT I KNOW THE PEOPLE IN LANGHORNE WOULD WANT YOU TO HAVE!

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